There are a variety of manual techniques, electrotherapies and therapeutic exercises that can be utilised in Veterinary Physiotherapy treatment. Each case is dealt with on an individual basis with treatment plans and programmes being tailored to each patient.


Electrotherapy tools are often used alongside manual therapies. Ultrasound, laser, micro current and pulsed electromagnetic energy all work at a cellular level on either superficial or deep tissues. These tools can provide pain relief, help control inflammation, reduce swelling, increase | Read More

Manual Therapy

A number of hands-on techniques can be utilized to reduce muscle spasm, provide pain relief, improve joint mobility, reduce soft tissue adhesions, mobilise deep structures, and heighten proprioception. These can be used individually or together as part of a rehabilitation | Read More

Remedial Exercises and Rehabilitation Programmes

Remedial exercises and rehabilitation programmes can start once the animal’s pain levels and its range of movement have been controlled. Remedial exercises are utilised to simulate the demands of the repairing structure. They are used to strengthen the part of | Read More