Animal Physiotherapy incorporates a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and various assessment techniques to evaluate the musculoskeletal system. Treatment can involve a combination of electrotherapies, manual therapies and therapeutic exercise prescription.


Physiotherapy for Working and Competition Dogs Police dogs, sheep dogs, gun dogs, and those who compete regularly in field trials, flyball, agility and obedience are the athletes of the canine world. These dogs can be prone to suffering long term | Read More


Physiotherapy for Cats Cats very often lead active lives; they are athletic and have an inquisitive nature which can lead them into precarious situations. Jumping awkwardly, falling, traffic accidents or old age can result in tendon/ligament damage, muscle strains or | Read More


By riding horses, we make them susceptible to primary neck and back problems. When soft tissues are painful or restricted, a horse’s normal movement will be affected. Without treatment, these minor injuries will result in the horse making compensations in | Read More